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Power Washer VS Pressure Washer

We often name the method of using hose and machine to effectively clean our house as either pressure washing or power washing.  We use these two cleaning methods interchangeably as we believe they are the same while in the real sense, they are not. As close as these methods seem, there is still a slight difference between them.

A power washer uses a high-pressure stream of hot water to knock unwanted materials off outer surfaces in your house. The combination of the hot water and the high pressure allows this cleaning method to be very effective when it comes to cleaning mildew, molds, and significant stains in the driveway. It is grease stains and or chewing gum on the sidewalk.

On the other hand, the pressure washer also uses high-pressure steam, only that in this case, the temperature is regular. In this article, we will be looking into the similarities and differences between the pressure and power washer.

Similarities Between A Pressure and A Power Washer

  • They both make use of high-pressure water: Both methods still use a jet of high-pressure water to carry their cleaning operations. The water comes through the spray gun to the surface
  • They both make use of the hose: The two methods also use the long and expandable hoses with a Stable Retractable System for easy and stress-free cleaning of surfaces.
  • They both have electric and fuel-powered machines.

Differences Between A Pressure Washer and Power Washer

  • Temperature difference: The power washer has a heating element inside it that helps raise the temperature of the water before spraying on surfaces. This feature allows the power washer to be preferred for cleaning larger projects due to its high-efficiency level. On the other hand, the pressure washer uses regular water to wash off dirt and stains.
  • Area Of Application: While the pressure washer can no doubt be used at every part of the house, the pressure washer is best used to clean the interior of a home while the power washers should be used at places more intense and dirty locations such as concrete areas like sidewalks, fences, driveways, etc. because of their high penetration power.
  • Water Pressure: The amount of water pressure is also a key difference between the two methods. The power washer uses minimal pressure together with hot water to remove impurities. In contrast, the pressure washer uses high pressure to remove the impurities as it depends more on the intensity of the pressure to clean surfaces.
  • Best Uses: Both methods generally perform the same function; however, each technique has its areas where they are effective the most. For instance, a pressure washer is used to clean brick or concrete, while a power washer is best used to remove mold effectively.


Even though the purpose of the power and pressure washer is to remove dirt and unwanted stains, they are still slightly different. Knowing these differences allows us to clean better and helps us to know the right type of washer that fits our needs. In this article, we have compared the pressure washer and the power washer to help us understand their best uses and select the best one for us to have an awesome cleaning experience.

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