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Lithium-ion Laptop Batterie |Proffessionel Manufacturer’s Handbook

Did you know that laptops were initially meant for military purposes? A former CIC (Commander in Chief) of U.S forces in Vietnam, General William Westmoreland, explains how militants used laptops for surveillance and continuous enemy tracking in 1969. It was when there were gradual developments in computer research and scientific development.

So there was a need for the developers to create acute batteries that would last the machine enough time till the militants get off the fields to their closest cabled port for recharging. Despite the urgency of the needed superior capacity batteries, the initiatives met the ISO quality standards of 9001, RoHS, CE, and FCC standards.

From these earlier innovations, top laptop brands such as HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, etc., trusted famous battery manufacture companies like China’s Batterie pour Ordinateur Portable Proffesionel with the task of producing durable batteries.

Technical Handbook for Professionel Batterie Analyzers

Among other factors, the ability of a laptop to hold a charge depends on your usage and the age of the battery. So for an interference-free and smooth running of your laptop, you need proffessionel batteries having excellent performance and outstanding charge and discharge of up to 300-900 times.

Some of the advantages you stand to get from these professionel batteries are:

  • Samsung’s lithium-iron electric core and long standby times.
  • Texas’-best control board managing the charge and discharge sequence.
  • Cable temperature management that prevents battery fire through its sensitive return line temperature controls.

However, the usage of the batteries takes into account the different software programs, processing power, available RAM in the machine, and your level of care with the laptop.

The batteries’ ages also differ, and so even with a keen check on the above factors, a trusted source from China’s Batterie pour Ordinateur Portable Proffesionel revealed that as much the batteries have a lifespan of two to four years, they lose their capacity  when:

  • Using un-matching charger and battery models.
  • Draining the battery below 20% and charging it beyond 80%.
  • Mishandling and poor storage of the battery in high temperatures.
  • Keeping the laptop unused for more than three months.

Advisably, if you have no plans to use your laptop for some while, you should drain the battery to 70%, shut down the machine, and place it in a cool and dry place.

Decreased Battery Life in a Plugged in Laptop? Ask the Batterie Proffessionels

With several companies adapting to working from home even long after the pandemic is gone, it is pretty hard to avoid thinking of any effects on your laptop’s battery when using it as a desktop. From their 20 years of experience in handling different battery brands, China’s best batterie proffessionels explain that:

Most current laptops use lithium-ion batteries, unlike the earlier versions that were dependent on Nickel-cadmium batteries. The Lithium-ion is designed to tolerate frequent charging, so you shouldn’t worry about plugging in your laptop all the time. Once fully charged, each laptop is designed to stop charging and run on direct power as a desktop.

However, the Batterie pour Ordinateur Proffesionels advise on unplugging the laptop at least once a week, draining the battery to 40%, and then re-plugging it in.  You can learn a lot more about your laptop’s battery from the proffessionels.

Here you will find:

Conserving and battery-saving tips from proffessionel manufacturers.

Varieties of best selling batteries for all your laptop brands

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