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Features & Specifications of Govee LED Light Strips

There are many different kinds of LED light strips, but Govee LED light strips are the most advanced, flexible and easy to use.

Govee LED light strips are designed to be the most versatile and customizable lighting solution available. They are available in a variety of lengths, colours and mounting options. They can also be cut down to any length you need. With an adhesive back or optional mounting clips, you can stick them to virtually any surface – including curved or uneven walls – without using screws or nails!

Govee LED Strip Lights also have a wide variety of applications for home décor and business owners alike. They can be used for home theatre lighting, under cabinet lighting, accent lighting for furniture and more! In addition to illuminating your space with beautiful colour changing lights, they can also help save energy by automatically turning on when motion is detected within 12 feet of the strip (they even come with a remote control).

You can choose from countless colours – including millions of shades of white, and many other colour hues from pre-programmed colour sequences such as Rainbow mode or all red/green/blue/yellow modes!

Unique Features of Govee Strip Lights

There are many LED strip lights in the market. But the Govee LED light strips are unique in their features. These light strips offer the following features.

1. The Govee LED light strips are waterproof and weatherproof. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use these lights to decorate your house, garden or office space without worrying about rain and snow.

2. These LED lights come with an adhesive back that can stick on any surface easily. You can cut the strip into different lengths according to your need and fix it wherever you want with ease.

3. The Govee LED light strips come equipped with a remote control that allows you to change colours of your choice from a set of 64-scene modes and countless DIY modes at any time. This means that you don’t need to change the colour of all lights at once if you want to give a new look to your room or place where these lights are placed!

4. These LED light strips are available in different colours like white, blue, pink, red etc and different lengths ranging from 1 foot (30 cm) to 48 feet (15 meters).

How to Sync Music with Govee Strip Lights

You can easily sync music with Govee Strip Lights by following the below steps:

1. Download the free app “Govee” on your phone or tablet;

2. Install the app on your device;

3. Connect your phone or tablet with Govee Strip Lights via Bluetooth;

4. Use the app to play music from any app (e.g., Spotify);


In today’s modern world, LED lighting is inevitable. It is not only cost effective but it is also environment friendly which makes it a preferred choice by many people. Today you have to install LED lights in your house to save power.

Designing the exterior of your house with Govee led light strips can be a good idea if you want to make your home better and cosy. This will improve the value of your property and give the proper lighting for people in your home especially at night. Nevertheless, in choosing Govee LED light strip, it is important to determine the features and specifications of each product you want to buy. These elements are important as they will really tell you how effective and useful each product is going to work for your home.

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