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The Dish Racks And Drainers Brands To Avoid

The dish racks are in high demand and necessary for every household’s kitchen. Their high demand has led to the establishment of many suppliers. Some, like Pusdon, are one of the best in the market. At the same time, some others do not have much in terms of quality. The non-quality brands may be unrealistic and limit your dish rack’s enjoyment. Therefore, this article aims to update you on the dish racks and drainers brands to avoid.


The dish racks and drainers brands to avoid

1. Impractical

Some brands take design too far. Instead of making practical dish racks, they make attractive and impractical designs. The designs cannot function properly as their primary function is to make one’s kitchen look incredible. Therefore, if you wish for practical dish racks and drainers, avoid brands with impractical dish racks and drainers designs. Furthermore, most practical dish racks have simple designs that make one’s kitchen look incredible.

2. Non-resistant to oil and heat

The kitchen environment is one where there is a lot of heat and oil. Therefore, it is essential for the equipment present in the kitchen to sustain the heat and oil present. Some materials, such as weak plastics, can deform in a hot environment. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid dish rack and drainers brands that sell non-resistant to heat and oil dish racks.

3. Easy to rust

Rusting on a dish rack and drainer can be very poisonous. It is formed by the exposure of metal to air and water. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid dish racks and drainer brands that are easily suspectable to rust. Furthermore, the easy to rust dish racks may be expensive due to the replacement costs needed. Therefore, buying a quality brand at once is better than buying low-quality brands twice.

4. Slippery surface dish racks and drainers

Dish racks and drainers hold sensitive utensils such as glasses and mugs. Therefore, if the dish rack brand you bought has a slippery surface, you should expect your glasses, mugs, and plates to fall over and break, thus, incur losses. Therefore, if you want a dish rack that guarantees the durability of your utensils, ensure to avoid those with a slippery surface.

5. Easy to mold

Some dish racks catch molds quickly. Molds are unhealthy, especially in utensils meant to hold food for consumption. Thus, to avoid cases of diarrhea, it is essential to avoid utensils with mildew. Therefore, before purchase, ensure to inquire whether the material used can encourage mold formation.

6. It uses a lot of space

The main aim of buying a dish rack is to save as much space as possible. Therefore, a dish rack and drainer brand that uses too much of your space are one to avoid. Also, one that consumes too much space may not make your kitchen as attractive as you may want.



There are many types of dish racks and drainers brands in the market. Not all the brands in the market are quality enough or practical for use. Therefore, the above factors will help guide you on the brands to avoid.

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