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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Locks

Making dreadlocks is long and tiring process that can take a lot of your time. Usually, it can take 6 to 2 years to have fully matured locks. It is a frustrating process for those who have short hair because it can take years for them to finally get to have their desired length of dreadlocks. However, with dreadlock extensions, you can still have your desired style without straining with the long-time commitment to real hair locks. With these locks, it is easier for you to replace them when you need something different

Beauty market is wide and hair locks accessories come in different colors and lengths of your choice that will suit your desires. No matter whether you want to extend your real hair lock or you short hair. With propre maintenance of these extensions, you can enjoy up to 6 months of beautiful locks. In addition, hair lock extensions are reusable and therefore, you can repeat the same process at your preferred time. Just like your natural hair, you can absolutely wash your hair locks and in this guide, you will learn how to wash and maintain your hair locks.

How to Maintain Your Hair Locks

It is very easy to wash hair locks, remember keeping them clean will make them last long without having to remove and replace them. You can apply shampoo in your hair while wearing your locks. Using your fingertips, create a good amount of lather and gently rub your scalp with the tip of your fingers. Rinse your locks with clean water and let them dry. Proper washing time should always be considered because locks can take long to dry and you do not want to get to bed with wet lock.

However, it is not advised to wash your locks more often because it will shorten their lifespan. When you are not ready to wash your locks then make sure that you wear a shower cap while in the shower.

How to Dry Your Hair Locks

Once your hair locks have been rinsed well, wrap your head using a towel that has micro fibers. Depending on the type of hair locks you are wearing, you can use a blow drier or just air drying. This is why reading instructions should be the first thing to do before making any step. If you are in a hurry to have your hair locks dry in a short time, you can then keep changing towels once they get wet.

Things to Avoid While Styling Your Hair Locks

New hair lock extensions may be heavy to some people which might take them some time to get used to them. With proper information, you will be able to understand what to do or avoid while installing or rocking hair locks. Avoid using too much hair conditioners and styling products, too much of these products will need thorough washing which might leave your locks messy. Always avoid using heat styling tools that can melt synthetic fibers.

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