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How do I choose LED light strip?

How do I choose LED light strip?/ Factors to consider when buying the most suitable LED strip light

LED strip lights are suitable for home decorative lighting and mood creation. However, many different LED light strips are sold out there, thus making it difficult to choose the best. There are factors you need to pay attention to to find the best-LED light strip for you, including:


LED strip lights are usually used decoratively. So you do not need high brightness requirements. For most people, it is not that important. However, if you need high brightness, for example, in the kitchen, a 5050 LED would be a great choice. 2835 and 3528 LED might not be as bright as you may need them.

Music sync

Some LED strip lights can sync with the music feature. If you love parties or music, this might be a consideration for you. Your LED strip light will sync with any music playing in the background.


Daylight white LED strip lights may require a dimmer, especially when you feel too much light for your eyes. Therefore, you need to choose whether a dimmer would be necessary for you or not. The price of an LED strip light with a dimmer would be ten percent higher, depending on where you buy the strip light.

USB or Power Adapter

This consideration depends on where you would want to install the LED strip light. If you’re going to install it behind your TV, you can choose a strip light with a USB plug and not a power adapter.


LED strip lights come in three popular choices: daylight white, RGB, and warm white. If your project is in a place that requires attention and focus, daylight white is a good choice. Such places might be the kitchen.

Either, if you need the LED strip lights in a relaxing area, the warm white strips would be a great idea. The living room or bedroom could be the best places you want to relax. It would be best to determine the amount of light you require for the living room, depending on its size.

The RGB light strips may serve you the best if you need to install party or mood lighting in your room. An in-house or commercial bar would look visually appealing with the RGB light strips. Installing them in a hidden place would transform the appearance of your bar significantly.

Voice control

Voice control helps you to save some time when changing the LED strip light settings. You may need to occasionally change the color, brightness or sometimes turn the LED strip light on or off. You may do all this using the voice control feature.


Waterproofing might be necessary for areas such as the bathroom or outdoors. In such instances, a waterproof LED light would be ideal for you, although you may have to purchase it at a slightly higher price. It would be best if you keep noting that the power adapters are usually not waterproof.

Most importantly, you should ensure the LED strip light is ETL or UL certified for your safety and loved ones. Making the right choice depends on the place and your preferred use of the LED strip LIGHTS.


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