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Choosing the Right Pressure Washer For Your Home

Before you purchase a pressure washer, you’ll need to determine whether it will be sufficient for your needs. Pressure washers come in different types, such as gas-powered and electric models. Gas-powered models can be used in the home, while electric pressure washers draw their power from a standard power outlet. Cold-water pressure washers produce a more focused spray. While both types of pressure washers can work well for your cleaning needs, choosing the right type for your home will help you save time, money, and effort.

Gas-powered pressure washers provide a wide spray of water

Unlike electric pressure washers, gas-powered models typically provide more power and higher GPMs, which means more cleaning power for larger surfaces. A gas-powered pressure cleaner also doesn’t require an electric source and can be carried easily. A gas-powered pressure washer requires regular maintenance and oil changes, but it doesn’t have a cord and is cordless. However, it is important to use a gas-powered pressure washer in an outdoor location.

Gas-powered pressure washers should never be used indoors. The exhaust from gas-powered pressure washers contains carbon monoxide, which can cause dizziness, headache, and trouble breathing. In addition, gas-powered pressure washers produce very high temperatures, so make sure to wear protective gear and keep the gas hoses away from electrical devices and other potential sources of heat. While using a gas-powered pressure washer, you should also always practice cleaning in an area where people cannot see it.

Turbo pressure washers provide higher pressure

A turbo pressure washer is designed to have a larger water stream than a regular model. This increased pressure creates a higher impact on the surface being cleaned. Normally, there are six different nozzle types, each with a different angle of opening. Nozzles are available in different colors to match your cleaning needs. Not all pressure washers come with each type, so make sure to read the product sheet for yours before you purchase.

When purchasing a turbo pressure washer, be sure to check the PSI rating and look for nozzles that will work with your chosen gas. Many professional pressure washers are capable of producing 5,000 PSI, but a consumer-grade pressure washer is likely to produce 2,400 PSI. If you only need two or three GPM, a small turbo nozzle with a three-inch orifice will do.

Electric pressure washers draw power from a standard home power plug

A common complaint of homeowners is that their electric pressure washers do not operate properly. If you’re having trouble starting the machine, don’t use an extension cord. It could significantly reduce the life of the unit. Also, you should only use 12 gauge wire for cords more than 25 feet long. Lighter gauge cords won’t provide enough power to start the washer and could even cause a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Also, lighter gauge cords may permanently damage your electric motor or internal switches.

If you’re a casual house maintenance enthusiast or don’t have the skills or experience to use power tools, you should consider purchasing an electric pressure washer. They use an electric motor to boost water pressure, which is usually much less expensive and lighter. Electric pressure washers also draw power from a standard home power plug, which makes them easier to use for non-experts. A few tips for purchasing an electric pressure washer:

Cold water pressure washers provide a tighter spray of water

Cold water pressure washers use high-pressure jets to remove dirt and grime. They have higher gallons per minute and pound-force per square inch than hot water pressure washers. The cold water spray is more effective at removing mud and dirt, but is not as powerful when it comes to oil and grease stains. A cold water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning your deck or garden chairs, but may not be as effective on surfaces that are coated with grease or oil.

One factor that affects the power of your pressure washer is the gallons-per-minute (GPM). The higher the GPM, the higher the number. A high-quality machine will use twice as much water per minute. So if a cold water pressure washer uses two streams of water under the same pressure, a 4GPM washer will clean twice as much in half the time.

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