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A Guide for Choosing Guitar Bodies

Are you looking for guitar bodies for your faulty guitars or stock your business? Quality guitar bodies are the solid parts that hold most elements on the guitar. When choosing a guitar, one of the first things you consider is the body. However, you can always change it if it gets damaged or you want to refurbish or personalize your guitar. Irrespective of the reason driving you to acquire guitar bodies, you must pick the right choice to restore the guitar and continue enjoying the benefits.

How to pick the suitable guitar bodies

Picking the right guitar body is relatively straightforward. It is because most buyers understand what they want. After all, they have used their guitars for a long time and know what’s missing. However, reading this guide will introduce some things you might not have thought about. Below is a comprehensive guide.

Consider the shape

Not all guitars have the same body shapes. For instance, some guitars have wider bodies while others have thinner ones. However, choosing the right guitar body shape is not an easy task. Firstly, you must know that the body shape will influence the sound (for acoustic guitars). Additionally, the shape will affect the ease you can hold and play the guitar. Therefore, you can play it safe by maintaining a similar body shape as your original guitar or seeking professional guidance.

Consider the categories

Guitar bodies fall into three distinct categories; hollow, semi-hollow, and solid bodies. Solid guitar bodies are the most common and oldest type. They have a solid construction within that keeps them sturdy and firm. If you play rock, pop, or country music, you should consider this type. The second type is the hollow body with no solid construction and a larger resonating chamber. It is a great option for playing jazz and blues music. Finally, the semi-hollow body is known for its versatility and ability to adjust to any music genre. It would help to research the various types before purchasing one.

Consider your guitar type

For a replacement body for guitars, you must consider your guitar type. For instance, the body of an acoustic guitar is usually different from an electric guitar. Furthermore, the other elements you need on the body, like the strings and knobs and whether the body can accommodate them. Finally, it would be wise to consider the customization options for the guitar body.

Consider the size and cost

Finally, consider the guitar’s body size. Some people prefer larger guitar bodies, while others go for smaller ones. Therefore, you should base your choice on your preference and ease of use. Additionally, consider the guitar body prices against your budget.


If your guitar gets damaged, you need a new guitar body rather than spending money on a guitar repair shop doing repairs. Alibaba offers many options to suit various needs. For instance, you can get a single piece for a DIY project. On the other hand, you can purchase guitar bodies for your business or retail services.

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