Game Name: The Crossing Dead
Developers: Matthew Paxman and Jamie MacDougall of Wizard Games Inc
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Platforms: App Store (iPhone® & iPad®) and Google Play

Endless Crossing + Zombie Shooter

Being a couple of big gamers ourselves we were early converts to the recent road crossing craze on mobile. We got to talking one day about how cool it might be to combine the hopper-style video game with an apocalyptic top-down shooter including monsters, power-ups, weapons, explosions and all that good stuff that gets our inner ten-year-old really excited. Jamie got to work on whipping up some code while Matt put together some fun voxel art and fairly quickly we had a prototype that had us laughing out loud. We knew then we had to turn the prototype into a real game and put it out for the world to check out.

Iterating on what's been done

The Crossing Dead both lampoons the existing road crossing games while also setting out to iterate on the genre in a meaningful way. While the core goal of hopping as far as you can remains the same the game play is dramatically altered by free-roaming (hopping) zombies, a huge collection of obstacles, ability enhancing power-ups and all kinds of weaponry. While even the 'core-gamer' crowd will find The Crossing Dead a lot of fun the game sticks to some pretty simple, intuitive controls to keep everyone happy.

Who is Wizard Games

Wizard Games is us, Matt and Jamie. We actually grew up only a few blocks down from each other, but we became friends while studying Computer Science at the University of Victoria in BC, Canada. Following that we ended up both landing jobs as software engineers for Intel. As passionate gamers and programmers we would often talk about game ideas during our lunch breaks. In 2013 Matt gave his two weeks notice at Intel and founded Wizard Games. Now one and a half years later Jamie has also jumped two-footed into the mobile games scene. The Crossing Dead is our first game created as a team and our favorite one Wizard Games has launched thus far.


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